** Conversion for 0.10 oz = 2.835 grams There is ten 0.10 oz.  to equal 1 oz.


Please note all mohair will have slight variations of color throughout the bundle. It usually will not be one solid shade of color. You will see highlights and low lights of this color like natural hair. Banded dyed mohair WILL NOT have color under the rubber band due to the mohair being banded prior to dying it. When your ready to root with/use this mohair all you will have to do is simply cut the locks a little at a time just below the rubber band. I process my mohair in the manner which yields almost zero waste. It is also much easier to work with because it does not get tangled up and you always know which way is the true cut end!


All mohair is dyed with dyes designed for use on natural fiber.  After the dying process it is soaked in super hot chlorine free water. The water contains a detergent specifically designed to remove any remaining excess dye. Then it is triple rinsed and lightly conditioned. EVERY effort goes into reassuring the mohair does not bled color prior to drying it.  I still advise you to check any styling products or conditioners on mohair that is not already rooted on the doll prior to use.  Aviod using any chorined water on dyed mohair. All products/conditioners or chorinated water has a potential to cause color to bled. 


The mohair pictured is the actual mohair you will receive! I never reuse pictures. Please reference the ruler next to the mohair for the length of mohair.

0.53 oz. Light Brown Fine Adult Grade Mohair

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